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Senior Makeup Packages

Get back-to-school in style and make your last year your most FABULOUS year! 

Lock in multiple makeup appointments and save $$$. Perfect for:

*Senior/Cap & Gown Pics





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About Divine Enhancement

Divine Enhancement came about as a result of my desire to make the world beautiful. I have been blessed with an eye that seeks out and notices beauty in places most people look over. Throughout my career as a freelance makeup artist (MUA) I have discovered and developed my talents for listening to my clients needs & wants when it comes to their vision of beauty as well as executing flawless enhancement with skill and precision. 

I LOVE the power of makeup and its ability to enhance and boost a person's confidence.  So many who do not understand the makeup community assume that makeup wearers/lovers do so to deceive.  This is not so.  My personal philosophy is do what makes you feel beautiful.  If a natural bare face makes you feel beautiful then wear it proudly.  If natural glam is all you need to feel like a queen then no one should stop you.  And if ultra glam is what you like then glam it up!! I am here to service it all!


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Salon Appt                          $95+

Sunday/Private Appt             $125

Travel Makeup Appt              $145

*Travel appts avail. 


Note: All makeup services include brow arch & fill and lashes. 


1-on-1 Class

$225/ 2 hours (no materials included)


$275/2 hours (materials included)

Pro MUA 1-on-1

$400/3 hours (kit essentials included)

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2-hr Discussion & Execution   $125


$115 In-Salon Appt

$165 Travel Appt *see travel restrictions



$125 In-Salon Appt

$175 Travel Appt *see travel restrictions

*All bridal/wedding appointments receive brow arch & fill, lashes, & a touch-up kit. Travel appts up to 20 miles. 

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